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General characteristics of activities during the reign

The reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise can be divided into several stages. The first years of his reign (from 989) in Rostov and (from 1010) Novgorod are little described in the annals.

Since 1015, the future Kiev prince fought with his brothers for the right to rule the government and only after the conclusion of peace with his brother Mstislav began to fully pay attention to the development of the ancient Russian state, as well as pursue a successful foreign policy.

The main activities of the prince were the protection and expansion of the country’s borders, the reform of legislation and the increase in the importance of Rus in the foreign policy arena through the conclusion of dynastic marriages.

"Первая Конституция Украины" гетьмана П.Орлика.
“First Constitution of Ukraine”
Hetman P. Orlik.

Domestic policy

The path to power for Prince Yaroslav the Wise was difficult and thorny – first the internecine war of 1015-1019, when his main opponent was his brother Prince Svyatopolk, then conflicts with his brothers Bryachislav and Mstislav. Nevertheless, since 1026, having finally established himself on the throne of Kiev, Prince Yaroslav begins to restore order in the state – from this period active construction of new cities, the publication of laws, laying the foundations of the education system in Russia have been ongoing.

The seizure and retention of power

The reforms

The foundation of cities

Foreing policy

The first foreign policy event was the invasion of the troops of the Polish king Boleslav I, who came to the aid of his brother Svyatopolk, their combined forces were able to defeat Yaroslav the Wise. During his subsequent reign, the prince conducted both wars and diplomacy with varying success – the borders of Kievan Rus were expanded due to successful campaigns and fortified fortified cities, dynastic marriages were concluded with many states, which strengthened the influence on the political arena and laid the foundation for the country’s power for many years to come.

Wars and campaigns

Dynastic marriages

Карта отображающая влияние князей после заключения мира между Ярославом Мудрым и Мстиславом Храбрым

Map showing the influence of the princes after the conclusion of peace between Yaroslav the Wise and Mstislav the Brave
Внешняя политика князя Ярослава Мудрого - карта
Foreign policy of Prince Yaroslav the Wise – map

Total results of the reign

The importance of the activities of Yaroslav the Wise is difficult to overestimate:

  • The price of obtaining the Kiev throne for Prince Yaroslav – the lands of Chervonnaya Rus lost during the Civil War of 1015-1019, which were returned after the armistice with Prince Mstislav and joint campaigns in Poland in 1030-1031.
  • The development of education has become another stone in the foundation of the future Slavic culture.
  • The construction of new cities in the acquired territories and fortresses of the Poros Line provided additional protection for the state against future invasions of nomads.
  • “True Yaroslav” and “Church Charter” are new milestones at the stage of development of civil and church law.
  • Strengthened the influence of Kievan Rus in the north and northeast directions
  • Relations with Poland restored, prisoners and cherven cities captured by Boleslav I in 1018 – was returned
  • Dynastic marriages were concluded with the kings of France, Poland, Hungary and Norway, as well as with the family of the emperor of Byzantium – it was an increase in the authority of Kievan Rus in Europe
  • The Pechenegs raid on Kiev is reflected – more these tribes did not disturb the southeastern borders of the state
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